I have been in the accounting and book-keeping field since 1980 and have been giving businesses like yours my personnal and undivided attention.  I have been very successfull in helping people solve their tax problems and I am convinced that I could do the same for you.

Having the
knowledge, experience and the proper computer programs makes the difference in today's business world.  We all need a helping hand especially with tax returns, payroll, yearly and quarterly reports etc.  Having an electronic filing system ( E F I L E )
makes life a lot easier for all of us.  After all where would you like your money?  Lost in the mail or in your pocket where it belongs !

To new customers I am offering pickup and delivery services as well as
10 % saving plan for your families and employees.  Feel free to phone me if you have further question.  After all, the only bad question is the one you did not ask.

For more
information, please call at (514) 892-1393

Richard Langlois, B.A.A.
Tel.: (514) 892-1393
Fax: (514) 376-5604